At Complete Aquatic Systems, we understand that aquariums are commitments that require time, patience, and balanced care.

That’s why we’re here to help, and our team of experts is happy to share some of their expertise by addressing some of the more frequently asked questions we hear.

Q: Should I have live plants in my aquarium?

A: Yes, it depends on your personal preference as well as the species of fish housed in your aquarium. In addition to being a very natural, attractive, and healthy option for your aquarium, live plants also improve water quality for your fish by providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and ammonia. Additionally, they can serve as a supplemental source of food for your fish.

Live plants provide an aesthetically pleasing form of life in your aquarium that your fish will appreciate for their ability to replicate natural aquatic environments. We carry an extensive variety of plant species, so one of our experts can take your needs and the type of underwater environment you are cultivating into consideration to help you select the right aquatic plants.

Q: What is the benefit of your packaged plants?

A: We’re very proud of our proprietary tube plants, which allows us to ship live aquatic plants to retailers unharmed, pest-, and disease-free. This packaging allows us to preserve the looks and quality of plants during transport and display. Most varieties of our tube plants have a shelf life of 8-16 weeks depending on species.

Our tissue culture plants are shipped packaged and ready for display as well, our bags allow for tighter packaging to lower shipping cost and our tissue culture cups are the only ones in the industry with a true sealed lid instead of just tape wrapped around the top. Shelf life for our tissue culture plants are 8-16 weeks as well.

Q: Is the gel in your tube and tissue culture plants safe for my fish?

A: Yes, both are non-toxic and fish-safe; however, we recommend that you rinse off any excess gel before planting your new plants in your aquarium

Q: What is the ideal environment for my plants to survive and thrive?

A: This is a good question and the answer depends on a wide variety of factors, including what kind of plants, what kind of inhabitants, and the size of your aquarium. As a general rule, these parameters should be followed, but it’s always good to consult an expert on your particular situation.

  • Your water temperature should be around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this may vary plus or minus 3-4 degrees depending on the species.
  • Good lighting on at least 6-8 hours per day.
  • Use of quality plant fertilizers as needed.
  • The water’s pH level should be around 6.5 to 7.5. However, this can also vary depending on the species.  
  • Depending on the species of your live plants, you’ll want to keep CO2 levels high for faster growth but do not exceed 20-25 ppm.

There’s no one size fits all rule set for every aquarium, but if you follow these rules, your plants and fish should be thriving in no time.

Q: Are your decorations safe for my aquarium?

A: Not just any toy is appropriate to place in an aquarium. An aquatic ecosystem is fragile and requires a fine balance.

Our aquarium decorations are all held to the highest standards of quality, and they are made from materials that are not only safe for your creatures but also expertly crafted and aesthetically pleasing. We love aquariums and pride ourselves on offering products that make them look as beautiful as they possibly can.

Q: Do you sell directly to the public?

A: No, we are wholesale only. Most of our products are available nation wide through quality retailers. Please see our store locator for the retail location nearest to you.

If your question wasn’t addressed here, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page, and we’ll be happy to answer. After all, we’re the experts!

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck on your aquatic journey.

At Complete Aquatic Systems, we’re here to help cultivate your underwater world.