Our Beginner’s Guide to Aquascaping

leafy aquatic plants and fish

At Complete Aquatic Systems, we know that putting your first aquarium together can be a bit challenging. That’s why we’d like to offer a few tips in this beginner’s guide to aquascaping. With a few basic principles, you can develop a unique look for your aquarium with the help of living plants. Aquascaping is all about enhancing the relationship between your fish and their adopted environment along with incorporating plant life along with hard elements like rocks and driftwood to enhance the look of your aquarium. Ultimately, vivid and visually pleasing aquatic environments find the balance between variety, contrast, and simplicity. With those ideals in mind, here are a few tips for your first aquarium.

Design by Thirds

Aquascaping is ultimately about enhancing your aquarium and developing a look that you enjoy. Aesthetically, we recommend following the rule of thirds to guide your aquascaping project. This basic design principle utilizes the visual tendency to look at certain focal points in a given layout. If you imagine that your aquarium is divided into 9 equally-sized areas, you can place a few key elements in a way that delights your fish and provides a harmonious visual balance.

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