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Wholesale aquatic plants and store use system filter supplies.

Main Categories

At Complete Aquatic Systems, we have worked for over 20 years to cultivate a wide variety of live plants for underwater environments. As an innovator of live aquatic plants and décor, we pride ourselves on bringing many new categories to the aquatic plant market.

Some Of Our Personal Favorites

We’ve worked with nationwide retailers around the country, and we have the flexibility and expertise to provide you with the best live aquatic plants you’re looking for. We love to see what others do with their personal or professional aquariums, and here are a couple of our favorites.

About Our Company

Our business was started in 2000, and has been a family ran and operated business from day one.

We specialize in a premium selection of tissue culture, tube plants, bulbs, decor, and much more.

Why Choose Us?

Years Of Experience

Our generations of experience have given us the ability to create and bring the most innovative plant products and new species to the live aquatic plant market. Through the years we’ve developed the most efficient, logistical operation in the industry with the sole purpose of supplying the highest-quality plants.

Highest Quality

All of our plants go through the following inspections: at the farm or lab, packing and shipping facilities, the United States Dept. of Agriculture, multiple state departments of Agriculture. Then, a final inspection takes place at our facility before being shipped to stores.

Our Mission

To bring beautiful aquarium and terrarium plants to retailers in the most efficient manner possible. While continuing to be the first to introduce exciting new species and varieties to the live aquatic plant market. We strive to continue to be in the forefront of innovation in our field.

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We sell to wholesalers only. If you are an individual looking to improve your home aquarium use our store locator to find your closest retail store with aquatic plants and décor.