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At Complete Aquatic Systems, we have worked for nearly 20 years to cultivate quality live plants for underwater environments. As an innovator of live aquatic plants and decor, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological innovation in the aquarium industry.

five green aquatic plants in tube packaging
Aquatic Tube Plants
Using our proprietary patented packaging methods, our tube plants can survive in their packaging from to 8 to 16 weeks depending on species. They are the best way to add established healthy live plants to any aquarium.
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five tissue culture plants in plastic packaging
Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants
Tissue culture plants are propagated in sterile packages where they grow in non-toxic, germ- and pest-free environments. Complete Aquatic Systems owns and operates our own tissue culture lab thus giving us total control over the varieties and quantities produced.  Another benefit to having our own lab is that we don't have any middlemen to deal with.
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assortment of green aquatic plants
Aqua Decor
Browse our organic aquarium decor, designed to improve your water quality along with adding a more natural environment to your aquarium.
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aquatic plants with bulb attached
Bulb & Pond Plants
Available for both aquariums and ponds, dormant bulbs and tubers are a great way to enjoy propagating plants yourself,
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green aquatic plant with variegated leaves
Loose / Bunch / Potted Plants
We carry a large variety loose, bunch and potted plants to compliment our tube and tissue culture product lines. These plants range from cuttings to potted plants with established root systems.
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potted bamboo plant
Terrarium plants
We offer terrarium plants loose, potted, tissue-cultured, and in tubes. Tropical waters and wetland bogs are biodiverse environments where plants play a key role in sustaining ecosystems that feature impressive fish, reptiles, amphibians, and more. No less remarkable than the fauna is the plants in these environments which encompass many types from surface-covering vegetation to submerged oxygenators. At Complete Aquatic Systems, we cultivate plants for tropical and bog vivariums (a.k.a. paludariums).
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Why Choose Us?

leaf Our Years of Experience

Regardless of the size of your aquarium, our years of experience will be available to you, in addition to our strong emphasis on having the best quality and variety of live plants we strive to provide the highest levels of

mission We Make it Our Mission

Plants and decoration are a vital part of any aquarium and we make it our mission to be well-versed in the science, biology, and logistical challenges of bringing beautiful live plants and decor to retailers and aquarium owners throughout the United States.

quality Highest-Quality

We’ve developed the most efficient, logistical operation in the industry with the sole purpose of supplying the highest quality plants. All of our plants go through multiple quality control inspections from the farm and lab to packing and shipping facilities, in addition to the United States Dept. of Agriculture and multiple state departments of Agriculture.

best The Best of the Best

We’re committed to being the best of the best. We were the first to bring many rare varieties and tissue culture plants to the United States, and as we continue to develop ground-breaking solutions to increase efficiency and variety, that trend will continue.

Featured Products

Our proprietary tube plant shipping and holding process puts us ahead of the competition by allowing us to deliver pest and disease-free aquascaping plants to beautify your aquarium. By using this scientifically-advanced process, plants can live from to eight to 16 weeks displayed on store shelves, so you don’t have to worry about receiving anything but the best.

We’ve worked with nationwide retailers businesses and institutions around the country, and we have the flexibility and expertise to provide you with the best live aquatic plants you’re looking for, from nano tanks to thousand gallon show aquariums.

About Our Company

We specialize in a variety of plant life and aquarium decor, including:

Tube Plants and Tissue Culture Plants:

Utilizing our years of expertise, we are able to provide a clean, safe environment for our plants to grow and thrive. When they make their way to you, you can rest easy knowing that our live aquatic plants are pest- and disease-free, healthy, and beautiful. Transplanting plants into your aquarium should be effortless, and we make that process as easy as it can be.

Specialty Aquarium Decoration:

No aquarium is complete without sustainable, stylish decor that keeps your aquatic life engaged. Whatever you’re looking for, from driftwood to underwater accessories, we have you covered. Customization is important, and we understand that everyone has different aesthetic and stylistic sensibilities. That’s why we offer a huge array of decorations and speciality plant products to choose from, each one held to the highest quality standards.

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At Complete Aquatic Systems, we specialize in solutions for underwater environments. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have about our live aquatic plants, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact us for sales information, and take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information our products or distribution. We’d love nothing more than to share our expertise on plant biology and information about our proprietary shipping methods. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.