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Choosing the Right Aquarium Plants For Your Set-Up

When planning out your aquarium, it’s important to choose plants that not only make your tank more visually appealing and ecologically sound, but flora that will ultimately benefit your fish.
Choose the most appropriate plants for the size of your tank and the type of fish you have. To that end, we have six great pairs that are proven combinations to make your aquarium a vibrant and thriving environment.

Betta Splendens (also known as Betta Fish) & Nymphoides aquatica (also known as Banana plant)

Banana plants have leaves like little lilly pads that will float on top of the water and complement Betta Fish nicely. Because they leave enough space for the Betta to get some air at the top of the tank, the Banana plant provides an attractive atmosphere.

Carassius auratus (also known as Goldfish) & Microsorum Pteropus (also known as Java Fern)

Goldfish are notorious for eating up any plant in sight. However, the Java Fern has a relatively unappetizing taste that will fend off even the hungriest little Goldfish. Java Fern is incredibly easy to grow and propagate. Just by plucking off a leaf, a new plant will start to grow directly from the plucked one.

Symphysodon (also known as Discus) & Echinodorus (also known as Amazon Sword)

Discus are bright, beautiful fish that can be bred either freshwater or in saltwater. To complement these bright fish, add Amazon Sword to your aquarium. Amazon Sword is a beginner-friendly aquarium plant that is easy to set up with large, broad leaves that your Discus fish will love. The tall leaves are also great to block out a less-desirable looking aquarium tank background. The Amazon Sword is capable of withstanding the higher heat that Discus fish need and providing the hiding space they desire.

Cichlidae, (also known as African Cichlids) & Anubias

African Cichlids are a family comprised of many different fish that are typically aggressive in the wild. However, they tend to become more docile as the population of the aquarium expands. Cichlids have a tendency to dig around in substrate, so a plant like Anubias is great because it doesn’t require substrate to thrive. Anubias can be attached to rocks or bogwood, and are very beginner-friendly due to their relatively easy maintenance requirements. Anubias is left alone by most herbivorous fish, so you can place it in tanks with African Cichlids and even Goldfish.

Breeding Fish & Vesicularia dubyana (also known as Java Moss)

Java Moss is an easy-to-grow plant with a bright green hue that will stand out in your aquarium. Java Moss is an ideal aquarium plant to set up with almost any fish. Pesky goldfish will leave it alone, and it can’t be uprooted by cichlids. Most animals will refrain from eating it, and it provides the perfect breeding area for fish.

Corydoras (also known as Cory Catfish) & Eleocharis parvula  (also known as Dwarf hairgrass)

Cory Catfish are peaceful fish that tend not to eat live plants. As such, a small foreground plant like Dwarf hairgrass is a perfect breeding ground for the Cory Catfish. Dwarf hairgrass is also great plant for aquascaping, as you can create carpets with it. To deal with algae, it is a good idea to introduce some small shrimp to clean off the surfaces of the leaves. The Corydoras will also appreciate some driftwood for cover.

The Best Aquarium Plants For Your Set-Up

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