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  • Pogostemon helferi

    In Thailand, pоgоѕtеmоn hеlfеrі aquatic carpet plants are called ‘Downoi’ (little star), and it’s easy to see why. The curly, crinkled leaves give the plant a distinctive look, and the striking green color really makes it stand out, even in a crowded tank. Growing Pоgоѕtеmоn hеlfеrі emersed creates a gorgeous look. The plant can also be grown submerged to carpet the tank’s foreground.

  • Pоgоѕtеmоn еrесtuѕ

    Originating from the Western Indian State of Maharashtra, Pogostemon erectus plants have become popular in American and European aquariums. The plant is similar to R. verticillaris and R. Mexicana when grown submersed, but with the more vertical growth and a larger size. Pogostemon erectus emersed can be recognized by its decorative spikes of purple flowers.