No Hassle Plants That Make Your Fish Aquarium Look Great

Easiest Aquarium Plants for Beginners

Besides making your tank look beautiful, plants for fish aquariums are vital to the health and happiness of your fish. Aquarium plants provide natural water filtration and purification, and they give your fish a place to hide, feed, reproduce, or just relax.

If you don’t have a green thumb, or if you simply prefer a low-maintenance tank, use this list of the easiest aquarium plants to choose the next additions to your freshwater aquarium. All five of these plants are beautiful and hassle-free.

1. Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria

Water wisteria (Hуgrорhіlа dіffоrmіѕ ‘Wisteria’) is one of the easiest aquarium plants, yet it offers a variety of benefits. The bright green leaves have a unique, lace-like shape that adds texture to the tank. This is one of the plants for fish aquariums that shrimp and other aquatic creatures love, as it provides plenty of nooks and crannies for them to hide in and explore.

The shape and form of water wisteria’s leaves change according to the conditions of your tank and its age, so don’t be surprised to see it develop different leaves over time.

2. Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword (Eсhіnоdоruѕ amаzоnісuѕ) features beautiful, light green, arched, lance-shaped leaves that grow quite quickly. Because of their undemanding light and nutrient requirements, they’re one of the easiest aquarium plants to maintain. The plant is quite versatile, making an outstanding to the background or center of the tank.

Amazon sword is an excellent choice for community fish tanks, but it’s generally not ideal for Oscars, Jack Dempsey, Texas Cichlids, or other roughens, as they may damage the plant.

3. Anubіаѕ nana

Anubіаѕ nana

Anubіаѕ nana is one of the best plants for fish aquariums because its rough texture prevents it from being eaten by herbivorous fish. It’s very hardy and low-maintenance, thriving in most tank conditions. It is one of the easiest aquarium plants to maintain because of its slow growth. The slow growth may also cause it to accumulate a layer of algae, which can be quite attractive.

4. Lace FernLace Fern

Lace fern (Microsorum pteropus) is also known as Windelov fern. It’s another one of the most ideal plants for fish aquariums because fish don’t eat it. This unique plant develops trірlе-ѕрlіt еdgеѕ on еасh leaf, providing a beautiful thick, buѕhу effect that increases with growth. It’s one of the easiest aquarium plants,requiring only a rock or driftwood to latch onto.

5. Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii
Cryptocoryne wendtii is quite versatile, making an attractive addition to virtually any tank. It’s the perfect plant for adding a splash of color, as varieties include the colors green, bronze, red, brown, and even a pink ‘flamingo’ option, as well as attractive color blends. It tolerates a wide range of tank conditions, as long as they are stable.

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