Christmas Shopping for Aquariums: Gifts for Aquarium Lovers

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Passionate aquarists are always looking for something new for their tanks. However, with so many options available, finding the perfect gifts for aquarium lovers isn’t always easy. If you’ll be shopping for aquarium lovers this Christmas, here is a list of aquarium gifts that we’ve broken down into categories to make your holiday shopping faster, easier, and fun.

Note: Some live plants have a limited shelf life in their containers. If you plan to do holiday shopping early, please contact Complete Aquatic Systems before ordering live plants or other perishable aquarium gifts. We’ll help you decide the best time to buy your gifts.

Natural Aquarium Decor

Natural aquarium decor is one of the most failsafe gifts for aquarium lovers. Aquarists constantly look for new ways to spice up their tanks. Natural decor is a welcome addition because it gives tanks a feeling of life, unlike artificial tank decorations that are made from colored plastic.

Gift Suggestions:

Java moss aquarium plant decoration Due to its versatility, Anubias on a suction cup (pictured) is a one of the best gifts for aquarium lovers. It can be attached anywhere on the tank’s glass to create a unique, multidimensional appearance.

Plants on a half tube provides aquarists with several different species on one attractive coco husk. The species are Anubias, Bolbitis, and Microsorum pteropus. The half tube provides diversity for the tank, giving fish a place to play or seek shelter.

Plants on a ring are great for adding variety and texture to a tank. Fish can swim through the ring, which features a wide range of plants from the Anubias, Bolbitis, and Microsorum pteropus species.

Aquatic Plants for Beginners

If you’re shopping for someone who is just getting started in the world of aquariums, you don’t want aquarium gifts that are difficult to use. We’ve compiled a list of gifts that even the most novice aquarists can enjoy. These gifts don’t require difficult techniques or technical expertise.

Gift Suggestions:

Anubias Sp. in driftwood combines the best of plants and driftwood to create a versatile, beautiful tank decoration. Because it arrives ready to be placed in the aquarium, it’s a great gift for aquarium lovers who are just starting out and want to see results fast. Design-A-Vine Java moss plant

Driftwood is always a safe bet, as it can be used in virtually any tank, with great ease. Our carefully selected driftwood doesn’t float or discolor the tank, so you can order with confidence.

Design-A-Vine (pictured) is a unique product that allows for fantastic customizations. It features Java moss attached to a bendable rod that can be shaped to the user’s specifications. This makes a great gift for beginners who are interested in customizing their tanks.

Aquatic Plants for Experts

These gifts for aquarium lovers should be saved for experienced aquarists. They require significant technical knowledge and experience in the field. Some of the products may also have specific tank requirements. If you aren’t sure whether a product will be the right fit, please contact our product specialists for help making a selection.

Gift Suggestions:

Alternanthera reineckii is a gorgeous, red plant that is perfect for blending with green foliage. For the plants to thrive, they require nutrients in thе form оf rооt tabs or lіquіd fееdѕ. This plant is one of the best aquarium gifts because of its small size that makes it suitable for all tank sizes.  green aquatic with tendrils

Crinum calamistratum (pictured), also known as “African onion plant”, is a popular background plant for large tanks. It is ideal for clear saltwater aquariums and brасkіѕh aquariums with low ѕаlt concentrations. The plant makes a fine gift for aquarists whose tanks have herbivorous fish, as the fish won’t eat the leaves. This is also of the best gifts for aquarium lovers, because once it starts flowering, it doesn’t stop — the gift that keeps on giving!

Rоtаlа rotundifolia, or “dwarf rotala,” is a popular plant among seasoned aquarists, making it one of the safer aquarium gifts for experts. It provides tanks with a gorgeous, blood-red hue, and the tips of the stems have spikes that produce flowers. The plant starts out green and reddens as it ages.

Pond Plants for Spring

Many aquarium buffs also enjoy maintaining ponds by adding special plants. This why we’ve included a variety of plant bulbs that make wonderful gifts that can be used in spring. Unlike tube plants that come packed in water, dry, packaged bulbs have a long shelf life, allowing them to last a few months until it’s time to introduce them to a pond.

Gift Suggestions: water lily tuber ready for planting

Nymphaea solfatara (pictured), also known as “orange and yellow water lily,” is one of the best gifts for aquarium lovers who have ponds that could use a splash of color. This is a live water lily tuber that is packaged with coco fiber and a net bag, so all you need to do is place it in a pond and watch it grow.

Live lily bulbs give any pond a classic look. The bulbs are perfect for ponds, but they also make outstanding aquarium gifts, too. Each package includes two to three bulbs of the Nymphaea lotus “green” species.

Nymphaea albida, or “white water lily,” is another iconic pond plant that instantly adds a touch of elegance to decorative ponds. The lily has a gorgeous, yellow center and lovely, white petals. This pond plant is also great for indoor water gardens. It provides a delightful fragrance.

Quality Aquatic Plants

Whether you need to order a few aquarium gifts or place a large, wholesale order for gifts for aquarium lovers, Complete Aquatic Systems is great place to shop. We carry top-quality plants that are grown in non-toxic, germ-free, pest-free environments. By operating our own labs, we have complete control over our products. Enjoy unparalleled quality at a budget-friendly price.

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Finding gifts for aquarium lovers isn’t always easy. You want to be certain that the gift is compatible and appealing. This is where Complete Aquatic Systems comes in. We are a second generation, family-owned and operated business, with decades of experience in the aquatic plants industry. If you need product information or help making a selection, contact us today.