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  • Rotala wаllісhіі

    Rotala Wallichii Red

    Elegant and luxurious, Rоtаlа wallichii is a welcome addition to any tank. It has stringent prerequisites for growth and maintenance, making it best suited for experienced aquarists. Rotala wallichii red plants provide a delightful splash of color, as well as a decadent, fluffy texture.

    In addition to its signature, vivid pink hue, these aquatic stem plants can turn orange or deep red in the right conditions. It also produces gorgeous flower spikes, with bright purple flowers.

  • Rіссіа fluitans

    riccia fluitans carpet

    Also known as “crystalwort”, Rіссіа fluitans is an aquatic bladderwort that is versatile and easy to maintain. The floating plant provides excellent protection for young fish and tolerates a wide variety of environments, making it an aquarium moss plant that is perfect for diversifying flora. Riccia fluitans carpet plants offer an easy, attractive way to enhance the foreground of aquariums.

  • Rоtаlа rotundifolia

    Rotala Rotundifolia Blood Red

    Rоtаlа rotundifolia, also known as “dwarf rotala”, is a classic, ornamental aquarium plant. The gorgeous Rotala rotundifolia blood red hue is highly recognizable, adding a wonderful splash of color to your tank. This plant is a perennial, with dark pink stems that form low, creeping clumps. The tips of the stems have spikes that flower. When young, the plant is green. It transforms to red with age and intense lighting.

    Many experienced aquarists have rotala rotundifolia red plants in their tanks at some point. The flora is fairly easy to cultivate and maintain, and it provides an attractive growth pattern and distinctive hue.

  • Sagittaria ѕubulаtа

    Often referred to as “Dwarf Sagittaria”, Sagittaria subulata aquarium plants are easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginner aquarists. This plant is known for its versatile, grassy texture that can be used successfully in a variety of aquascaping applications.

  • Stаurоgуnе repens

    Hardy and easy to care for, the Stаurоgуnе repens aquarium plant is ideal for beginner and expert aquarists alike. It makes a fantastic foreground and middleground plant, thanks to the relatively large leaves that form wide, low-growing bushes that have earned the plant the name: Staurogyne repens carpet.

  • Utricularia graminifolia

    Utrісulаrіа Grаmіnіfоlіа Emersed

    Although caring for Utrісulаrіа grаmіnіfоlіа — also known as “terrestrial bladderwort” — can be difficult, the results are worth the effort. You are treated to an attractive plant that is ideal for the foreground of an aquarium. Because this species forms bulbous, violet flowers, as well as a lush carpeting of leaves when submerged, it is a popular choice for fresh-water aquarists.